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Government Relations

During the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt and the United States Congress played a key role in bringing electricity to rural America. Today, the federal and state governments affect all aspects of the electric cooperative’s ability to serve its consumers.

We are your voice with policy-makers at the state and federal level. Through a many-faceted and comprehensive program, we strive to ensure the interests of our cooperatives are represented in legislative initiatives.

We advance the interests of Indiana’s electric cooperatives with a staff who:

  • Actively participates in the development of policy positions and legislative proposals.
  • Lobbies a wide variety of legislative proposals that impact our members’ ability to provide electric energy and other services.
  • Monitors and anticipates issues that could affect cooperatives.
  • Administers programs to assist lawmakers and other elected officials in understanding and supporting electric cooperatives.
  • Provides outreach to cooperatives’ boards and employees for education on the political process and issues.
  • Involves cooperatives in all aspects of grassroots lobbying.

Take Action Network

The network is being provided to enable you to express your concerns on pertinent issues with Indiana’s State and Federal elected officials.

When an issue arises we will contact you for assistance. You will be given the necessary information to participate in a call to action. Upon accessing the site follow the instructions for writing to your State or Federal elected official(s) regarding the issue.

In addition to calls-to-action, the site can be used to research State and Federal legislators, election information, Indiana media contacts, and more. To access the site, click Take Action Network in the left column and register.

Contact Information

Maureen Ferguson
Director of Government Relations
(317) 487-2228 office direct
(317) 508-8190 cell
[email protected]

Tina Lawson
Assistant Manager of Government Relations
(317) 487-2237 office direct
(317) 431-8450 cell
[email protected]

Brooke Burtnett
Manager of State Relations
(317) 487-2272 office direct
(317) 605-4979 cell
[email protected]

Matt Randall
Manager of Legislative Advocacy
(317) 487-2252 office direct
(317) 508-8189 cell