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Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

statewide facilitySince 1935 Indiana's electric cooperatives have been served by their Indianapolis-based trade association.

Indiana Statewide was the first electric cooperative association in the nation, formed soon after the adoption of the Rural Electrification Act of 1935.

Today, the association's staff is composed of skilled professionals who provide a wide range of specialized services to the distribution cooperatives. We are actively involved with our national affiliates and provide expertise and input on state and national issues that affect Indiana's electric cooperative industry.Indiana Statewide is a not-for-profit (501C-3), member-owned organization governed by a board of directors. The Board consists of one director from each member system, totalling 39 member systems in Indiana. Our Executive Committee consists of seven regional representatives, chosen to work with the full board and the statewide management team to develop policies and set direction for the association.